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Mohammad Wahid Ujjal always wanted to start a project for people who can safely reach home. About this concept, he devolved a rideshare application. He always thought of opening a company on his own, and that is his dream project. But doing this along was very tough. He and some of his friends open DRiViLL together. The CEO invested in this business and company, approximately $100,000 from his side. He has 54 percent of share on DRiViLL.

The company has already listed more than 10,000 vehicles, including two types of cars, motorcycles and CNG-run three-wheeler under their network in Dhaka. They will soon branch out their company to port out other cities. The company will also start delivering parcels for e-commerce companies. It will help to expand the company everywhere. We are very close to completing our preparation, and I can assure you our service will be unique from the security perspective, and customers will feel a significant difference when they use it,” he said that at an interview.

DRiViLL promises at least 10% lower fares and better security than the current ones in operation. Customer can pay their payment with cash or using any digital payment method. The driver will be able to cash out their balance anytime through the BKash, Rocket channel. On the other hand, customers can purchase a week-long pass for travel, which will make the service cheaper.

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Mohammad Wahid Ujjal

Mohammad Wahid Ujjal is Founder & CEO of DRiViLL

He is An American citizen of Bangladeshi Origin, currently he living at New York City In USA. His home town in sylhet, Bangladesh .